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QA planning is undertaken at the beginning of a project. QA is about system processes, such as documentation, audits, personnel training, and change control.

The typical outcomes of the QA planning activities are quality plans, inspection and test plans, the selection of defect tracking tools and the training of people in the selected methods and processes.

QA makes corrections and improvements to prevent defects from occurring

QA is the process of building quality into the product

QA must be independent of manufacturing and operations. This is achieved through defined procedures (by QA), followed by manufacturing and operations. QA team also have post-production roles in implementing process improvements whenever possible. They also lead the investigation of potential root causes and correction of any quality issues identified by QC. 

Assure compliance with regulation

Developing polices for

Auditing Assessment of a procedure

Our QA Director explains why should you outsource QA department.

Josipa is QA Director and Principal GCP and GVP auditor at Proqlea Ltd. She has done more than 80 Sponsor audits over the years with more than 20 unique audit types and mock inspections. 

View Josipa’s Linkedin Profile for more information work expirience in “QA World”.

How we can help?

Primary services Proqlea Ltd. offers:

  • Providing a full-service “one-stop” solution for development, implementation, assessment and optimisation of QMS
  • Performing GCP and GVP audits to ensure quality and adherence to regulatory and/or compliance requirements.
  • Providing assistance with the development of a company’s QMS.
  • Providing advisory services on regulatory and compliance.

Whenever you want to maximize your internal audit department, seeking help from Proqlea Ltd. is the cost-effective approach to evaluate and improve QMS in your organization. It can also become beneficial when you simply do not have enough staff to properly manage QA tasks, or your staff doesn’t have the full knowledge to perform comprehensive auditing strategies tailored to your organization’s objectives.

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