About us

Learn more about our small company with big goals and achievements. 

How we started and where we are now

Founded in 2020, Proqlea started as a one-person consulting company, offering companies auditing services for good practice compliance (GCP, GVP, GMP, GDP and GcLP), preparing them for regulatory inspections (EMA and FDA USA) or  ISO certification. Today we can offer you a range of various audits for different processes according to all GxP requirements, QMS set up, review and implementetion, completed with full export of QA services.

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Next to all of these, as of 2024, Proqlea offers a new service: clinical trial services, ranging from Study start-up and Project Management set up to registration of product and more. 

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Today Proqlea exists as a team of 11 highly motivated women, experts in their fields: Doctors, Pharmacist, Clinical pharmacist, Masters of chemichal technology and IT Engineers, Masters of economy, Food technologists, and many more. 

So what makes Proqlea stand out?

One person stands out among many

We can tell you how our experts in Proqlea have done 320+ audits for 20+ sponsors covering almost all therapeutic areas in Clinical Trials, how they have set up different clinical trials for them (BE/BA, IND,
Generic, PASS) according to EMA and FDA USA requirements. We can talk about Proqlea’s geographically and strategically very good position for penetration on different markets, or how our partners in business can host patients in private hospitals for short and fast recruitment trial, or how Proqlea is one of only four companies in Europe with expertise in all areas of pharmaceutical industry… 

But here is all you need to know:

Our experts have over 20 years of individual experience in all areas important to you, and they know how the job should be done inside and out.

We will get you what you need in a fast, efficient and quality way. 

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Our mission

To contribute to the pharmaceutical sector with clinical research services, effective QMS, and diligent audit services, while exceeding our customers' needs and expectations.

Our vision

A future where every pharmaceutical innovation is supported by Clinical Trials excellence, regulatory compliance and high-quality delivery - enabling more safe and effective treatments to reach patients worldwide.

Our Values:
The Heart of Proqlea

At Proqlea Ltd., we firmly believe our 4 core values are the foundation of our long-term success and positive impact on society.   


Our team focuses on being fair and getting reliable results.

We keep communication open and honest, building strong relationships with clients, partners, and employees.


We cultivate an environment that nurtures growth by motivating employees to take bold risks, learn from failures, and consistently evolve. 

Continuous learning should be  valued at every level. 


We value work-life balance and offer flexible work options, supportive benefits, and family-focused events, empowering our employees to feel supported and inspired. 

More than a job, we provide a community that nurtures and celebrates every family that is part of our story. 


Social Responsibility

We love positive social change through local initiative support and we measure success not just financially, but also by our community impact.

We strive for sustainability by going 100% digital, avoiding unecessary paper usage.

Our family-friendly policies are not just words on paper

2022 Family friendly employer award
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2023 Family friendly employer award
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These values aren't just part of our business; they are the heart of Proqlea Ltd., guiding every step we take. Thanks to them, we build a strong and sustainable future for our company, our employees and society as a whole.

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